Product Benefits

Keep The Blinds You Love

Save time and money by keeping and upgrading your existing blinds

Installs In Under 2 Minutes

Quick and easy install, no special tools required, and won't damage your blinds

Control Your Blinds From Anywhere

Control your blinds anywhere, anytime with our iPhone and Android apps

Create Schedules

Automate your routines with schedules to open and close your blinds

Alexa & Google

Works with your voice, fully integrated with Alexa & Google

Power Options

Powered by 4 x AA batteries which last over a year Optional: Solar Adapter and wall plug

Installs In Under 2 Minutes

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Sunsa App

iPhone & Android App

Control your blinds anywhere, anytime right from your phone with the Sunsa App for IOS and Android. Open and close your blinds to shut out the glare or open them up to enjoy the view.

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Create groups that let you control as many blinds as you want at the same time. Want to close all the blinds in your house? No problem. There is no limit to the number of groups you can have and blinds can be in multiple groups.

Compatible Blinds

The Sunsa Wand replaces your current blind’s wand, so any blind that has a wand and tilts will work, which includes horizontal, vertical and mini blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Typically used for covering sliding glass and patio doors, can be made of various materials.

Horizontal Blinds

Also known as Venetian blinds have wider slats than mini blinds, which can measure from 2" to 3". Typically made of wood, plastic vinyl, or metal material.

Mini Blinds

Have slats that can measure from .5" to 1.5" and are typically made of aluminum or vinyl material.


Over 2 years of research and development and hundreds of blinds later…

Connects Direct to
Wifi No Hubs To buy

Connects directly to your home's wifi network, without the need of a hub like a lot of other smart home devices


Detect the temperature to open or close the blinds tohelp you save on energy bills andkeep the perfect temperature


Detect the amount of light coming through your window toeither open to close the blindsbased on your preference


4xAA batteries will last over a year to power the Sunsa Wand


Optional solar adapter to power the Sunsa Wand


Optional wall charger to never have to worry about power again

What's in the Box

1Sunsa Wand

2Hook Tip

3Eyelet Tip

4Screw-In Tip

5Left Wand Adapter

6Right Wand Adapter

74 AA Batteries

82 Extra Adapter Adhesives

Optional Add-Ons

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries will last around 9-12 months with opening and closing the blinds multiple times per day.

Can I move my blinds to any position, not just fully opening and closing?

Yes, you can fully open blinds in either direction or to a certain percentage from 10% to 100%, with 100% being fully closed and 0% being fully open.

Can I group my blinds?

Yes, you can set up as many groups as you want, there is no limit, additionally, blinds can be in multiple groups

Does Sunsa Wand work with Alexa/Google Home/Siri/IFTTT/Home Assistant/Smart Things?

Currently, the Sunsa Wand works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, we are in development for other smart home integrations

There are also 3rd party integration to Smart Things, Home Bridge and Hubitat.

Is the API open?

Yes, there is an open API that is cloud-based, documentation is available here:

Can I still use the wand manually?

If you ever needed to use the Sunsa Wand manually you can although it is not designed for manual use on daily basis, instead the apps, smart home integrations and schedules are meant to replace manual usage.

In addition there is an option to set-up double-tap for operating the blinds. 
This allows you to double tap the side of the wand to open or close the blinds.

Customers Reviews